SEO content that makes an impact

Not only is it important to write content that is optimised for SEO, it is crucial to understand what content and subjects users are searching for so you can maximise your traffic as well as increasing engagement.

Give yourself a voice and grab the attention of future customers. Writing content is just not enough anymore, Google’s algorithm is heavily influenced by the content on your site and getting it right will:

  • increase customer conversion rates
  • increase your web traffic
  • increase your business revenue
  • improve your brand reputation

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Content is king to your SEO success

The internet has an overwhelming amount of articles, blog entries, and text-based content. Don’t be scared of the amount of competition, we are confident that we can get you the results you are after. If the time is taken to produce well-written content, it can still positively impact your site and you can overtake these big and scary competitors. You’ll also notice a great ROI.

The words on the page tell the search engine more about you. And if they know more about you, they know when best to offer you in their user’s search query results. It is not about stuffing keywords into content anymore, Google understands semantic wording.

We understand your voice

Not only do we carry out all of the SEO research and strategy for you when it comes to your content, we try to get a deep understanding about your business and who you are so we can ensure your voice is carried perfectly throughout the content we write for you. Brace yourselves for a lot of questions about your business!

Lemon Shark Digital content services

We can provide you with one off content writing services to full content and SEO strategies. Whatever your needs, we can create an affordable custom package just for you that will be certain to impact your traffic and revenue.

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