Feel like you always have digital marketing questions? We are here to make your life a lot simpler.

At Lemon Shark we understand that you will have constant “how do I do this” or “what is going on” questions. The digital world is always changing and progressing so we believe it is extremely useful for our clients to have a direct help line they can message whenever a question pops in their mind.

Emails are too formal!

We wanted to provide a relaxed instant messaging chat service for those moments you just need to chat about your digital issues, ideas or anything else. If you think you would benefit from this service, get in contact.

Take advantage of regular digital updates

As well as a help line, we like to keep our clients up to date with the latest digital news and share useful how to guides via regular email updates.

We are here to make your digital world less complicated and stressful. We want our clients to gain a better understanding about digital marketing so everything makes much more sense to you.