eCommerce and Google Shopping

Display and Re-marketing

Paid Social Media Advertising

Account Audit and Management

Google Ads PPC advertising

Get yourself visible by taking advantage of PPC. PPC stands for pay per click and is a type of advertising where you are only charged when your advert is actually clicked by a user.

PPC is a short term goal, unlike SEO which is a long term goal. By taking advantage of PPC advertising, you can quickly get your website appearing above the number 1 organic result within the search engine result pages. Search engine optimisation is crucial to implement before you take advantage of PPC as your advert will not appear unless it is of good quality.

If you let Google run your account you will often find yourself spending more money than you need to and not getting the conversion you want, at the end of the day as great as Google is they are there to make money and if you are not managing your account properly you will be taken advantage of.

Deliverables include but are not limited to:

  • Keyword research
  • Negative keywords
  • Campaign management
  • Quality score and keyword match types
  • Search network advertising (eg. Google search results)
  • Display network advertising (eg. Youtube)
  • Landing pages creation and optimisation
  • Ongoing reporting and recommendations
  • Lemon Shark is Bing ads and Google Adwords certified

Landing page optimisation for conversions

At Lemon Shark Digital, we don’t just stop at optimising your paid campaigns we also design and create optimised landing pages that convert. This is a crucial step that many clients forget. This is important to us as we don’t want to be spending our clients money getting potential customers on their site when ultimately users just won’t convert.

Social media advertising

Paid Social is very effective if it is carried out the correct way. The audience available to us on social media is powerful and when used right it can bring lots of success. Don’t be put off by a previously poor running campaign, it can likely be tweaked to bring you future success.

We are experienced in setting up and managing Paid Social campaigns across many networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Not sure what platform you need to be advertising on and what budget you need? Get in touch with us and we’ll happily give you the answers with no obligation.