User experience

It is extremely important to understand your users knowing what things will convince them to change into a customer. If you have bad user experience, then no matter how good your business is you will not see conversions.

A good UX would be effective, efficient, safe, have a good utility and easy to remember how to use. You want to make the site as simple as possible to use. Everyone has had an experience of entering a busy website and being overwhelmed with text, we look for the piece of information we want and after a few clicks feel lost and exit the site. At Lemon Shark we understand how a user thinks.

To learn more about UX read our guide to UX.

A/B testing

A/B testing can be carried out to understand which versions of your site bring the most amount of conversions. For example, we can test whether a red contact button will convert more users over a green contact button.

A/B testing can also be carried out for all your digital marketing avenues such as email marketing, social media and website.

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